The patented SAFEHITCH ® safety device has been designed by and manufactured by Get Hitched Limited in Monaghan Town, County Monaghan.

Headed up by Engineer, Jim Cassidy and businessman and part time farmer, Pat McKenna, the objective of SAFEHITCH® is to make the tractor hitching process safer, faster and less frustrating, thus significantly reducing the number of tractor hitching related accidents which occur on our farms.

safehitch top view

Safehitch is a patented engineered system which removes risk and discomfort from attaching an implement to a tractor.

We provide a sliding bar with preset increments identified by numbers which correspond to the spacing on the linkbox, topper or other machine.  The farmer allocates a number which matches the spacing onto each implement .  Also included are a set of brackets which bolt onto the lower arms onto which the safehitch is placed . When loading the implement the farmer first takes note of the number on it , sets the Safehitch at this number ,places the Safehitch on the brackets and then reverses in first time.  Check out the Safehitch Demo Video here.

We have identified that this area can be a source of frustration to farmers causing delay which leads to rushing which causes accidents .The physical discomfort of several times getting on and off the tractor is too much particularly for older farmers and the last resort of dragging a heavy machine to the tractor is best avoided.

The area between the tractor and machine can also involve a second person sometimes a childsafehitch sideview  pushing the arms in place and this is the cause of many crushing accidents , Safehitch eliminates all these danger areas.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.  We welcome your enquiries.

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